Miley Ray Cyrus Secret Diet Plan And Exercise

Miley Ray Cyrus or as you may recall Hannah Montana is an American singing Sensation. Miley is one of the most controversial pop stars in the American Music Industry. She turned into a world famous actor, singer and songwriter (who has done exceptionally well) over a very short period of time. I have been watching her act and sing since my childhood and am a Huge fan and admirer of her work. Miley came into the industry as a child actor in her teenage and has achieved a massive amount of wealth and fame since then.

Miley Ray Cyrus Secret Diet Plan
Her first break in the industry was the Hannah Montanna show by the Disney entertainment studios which took her to great heights in no time. The kids loved her, the boys admired her, the girls copied her and the parents all around the world adored her. The concept of best of both worlds gave her an opening in the music industry too. She took the opportunity to release her first song album and pursue her dream of being a singing sensation just like her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley is a very talented woman, but that’s not the only secret behind her success. Other than her singing and acting, her controversial sense of fashion, her style and most importantly her beauty is the reason behind her popularity. For now, let’s just talk about her beauty instead of her long list of controversies.So, We all know the cute and adorable Miley is now a hot and sexy bombshell. The puberty struck her in a perfect way that turned her into and amazing looking women. With her smooth n sexy skin, cool haircut, adorable face and a stunning body Miley has won many hearts. So what exactly is the secret behind her looks? What’s makes helps Mile to stay in such a perfect shape. Well, I couldn’t get much out of her, but this chunk of information given below will surely help you.

You all know about her heavy workout that’s why I will be focusing on the diet. So look carefully, because with this diet you can easily get a stunning body just like Miley.People think its workout, but the main secret behind the well-toned body of Miley is her well controlled and balanced diet. Her diet only includes meals with no lactose and gluten. Well, now I present to you the short list of food items she allowed and also not allowed to eat. So let’s sneak a peek at that list Miley Ray Cyrus Secret Diet Plan And Exercise. Many people Thought Jeniffer Aniston Diet Plan And Workout Routine Are Quiet Similar.


Dairy products, fruits, and veggies, beans, seeds, eggs, fresh meat.
Some grains are a major part of her diet like – Corn, rice, soy, flax, teff, millet etc.


Well in short its all junk food like fries, chips, chocolates, cakes, pastries etc.


Dairy products, fruits, and veggies, beans , seeds, eggs, fresh meat.
Some grains are a major part of her diet like – Corn, rice, soy, flax, teff, millet etc.


Well in short its all junk food like fries, chips, chocolates, cakes, pastries etc.

Holly Maidson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Holly Maidson took birth on 23rd of December is a 37 year old author who has penned down several best sellers, she has also donned the hats of a model, TV anchor. Her role in E, made her ride good fame and she published two books in two consecutive years 2015 and 2016. She is all pretty because she is not a liar. She came out with an open confession on her surgeries so there is no ambiguity regarding the procedures she underwent.Holly, unlike other celebs never concealed the truth of her surgeries under vague statements. Most of the actors believe in keeping their beauty secrets under the wraps.Picture

Holly Maidson Plastic Surgery Before And After

With her books and a pretty decent self carved career, she is also known for her serious relationship with playboy founder Hugh Hefner.It is not hard to admire the features she got, but now she has got most of them altered well.She got two of the most common surgeries especially among female public figures, first is a  rhinoplasty(commonly known as nose job) and other being a boob job.

1. Breast Augmentation

Confessing that you are wearing enhanced boobs are not easy for girls to accept, it’s like succumbing to the fact that they lack the Women’s factor of sensuality.Holly had a skinny frame and asking for curves would be really more naturally. However she found a way to make her appearances more impactful and stunning. Thus what we get to see now is officially augmented and not at all natural.

Enhanced size of boobs is not only attractive outside but it also makes you feel confident and satisfied about your own self. Holly took a clever decision by not going for an excessively larger size that would have rather given her an imbalanced figure which not only shouts for an augmentation but can also leave her public appearances funny and crowd would get to gossip.In term of measurements, she has got her A cup replaced with a D cup.

2.  Nose job

Her urge to get everything right, can be related to this decision of her. Inspit of being blessed with great features, she opted for a rhinoplasty (that is a plastic surgery, to correct the shape and size of your nose).

Holly has been a part of a that rare elite group where she admitted the truth behind her looks. However, she is still skeptical about the possibilities of her daughter undergoing any treatment. Her only goal is that her daughter turns out to be a natural diva on her own. She looks stunning even after the deliveries of her two kids, her surgery never affected her health. She is an example to behold for all those who need not stay in front of the camera but wants to stay fit.

Holly clearly preaches the fact that, “she has been able to achieve her professional goals and owns a great figure, she can’t be more satisfied than this”. She has no inhibitions in calling her figure artificial figure, for her having a perfect shape with little augmentation here and there is not a big deal. 

Ways To Make Hair Smoother

Any girl requires smooth hair and knot free tresses. But today the technology has advanced in a way that we leave nothing apart and fall for everything midway. The chemicals today used are so strong that they can ruin your hair with just one use. To get that smoother and shiny look it is important to take natural care of your hair and prevent the use of foreign product that sooner or later destroy your hair. Here are some Ways To Make Hair Smoother

Ways To Make Hair Smoother

  1. Trimming: to get smooth hair it is extremely important to have regular trims. A small slash is important for a desired look. It helps in removal of split ends and damaged hair. A haircut helps in trimming away the undesired hair and hence helps to get better hair which enhance hair growth. Just ask for the removal of the lowermost layer and may be more of the split ends, this will render easy growth of hair.
  2. Good Rinse: after every wash, dirt and grease get accumulated , try getting a clarified wash. Apple cider vinegar is the best, it helps to normal the hair ph, creates shine and smoothness with regular wash, removes gloop and helps in closing the cuticles. Just create a vinegar- water solution and pour it in the mainstream area and just rumble your fingers over and over again to create a good stir after your normal shower. Note: avoid using hot water, it damages your hair.
  3. Combing: a rough comb often leads to falling Hair and rough roots. Every time you comb your hair just divide the hair into sections and then comb to avoid any breakage. If you experience several knots then just get a good product and spray along, it will prevent fall off of hair and frizziness.  Also to remove that extra layer off your hair just brush them off rather than combing them away.
  4. Shampooing: it is extremely important to get the perfect shampoo that to in sessions. Don’t just shampoo your hair every day, try to section your week into specific days to shampoo your hair. Over shampooing leads to removal of the natural hair oil and leads to destruction of natural shine of your hair. People with such practise can opt for dry shampoo. They work the same way and can remove the frizziness of your hair just the same way as your normal shampoo does.
  5. Use Natural Products: use homemade products and packs to help you get that better inch. Opt out of what the world follows and just go for a natural ingredient. Aloe vera gel works great. Just grab the aloe stick, extract gel and make a paste with water. Just apply it over wholly for 30- 40 minutes and then just wash off with a light shampoo.

Eggs also works wonder, try mixing it with henna or maybe the with honey, olive oil and cream, create a paste and just put it over till it dries. Then opt for a regular wash off. Such natural products help to bring back your natural shine and leaves back smooth hair.

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery

Britney Spears

Born on December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, Britney Spears is a pop singer. She began her career at the age of 11 with The All-New Mickey Mouse Club and her first release being Baby One More Time. Along with a pop singer she is also a dancer and an actress. She has been the most successful women or the last two decades and has even released several singles.She in an interview said “Ever since I was 7 or 8 years old, my mom would have company over, and I was always performing for everybody in front of the TV. . .Even when I went to school, I was always the weird child; I would go outside and instead of playing, I wanted to have ‘Star Search’ competitions.”

Her first marriage was with her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas and then Kevin Federline, after which she had kids with him. Here is Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Revelations The alleged plastic surgery is one thing that every other celeb share these days. Just the reason that no one can spot the age they bear, these celebs take on the much talked about plastic surgery. The sole objective is to take the age off their faces. When we talk about the very great singer, Britney Spears, there are a lot of plastic procedures she has had to overcome her age. Though age is just a number but to keep themselves going in the industry, plastic procedure is one thing that keeps them at bay from all such tensions.

  1. Nose Job: on comparing her before and after pictures, we get to see the sudden narrowness and pointed tip of her nose, which gives he a whole new look and a sultry appearance. She now has a more pointed nose than the old sultry one.
  2. Lip Fillers: to get that voluptuous look Britney has even had lip fillers. Her fluffy lips are now transformed into the well shaped and thin lips.
  3. Liposuction: After her pregnancy, Jenifer lost too much of weight and that to very quickly. The point of losing her weight so quickly seemed next to impossible. She has had the famous surgery of liposuction due to which she lost so much weight and had a flat tummy.
  4. Butt Implants: The most talked about feature of a body is that of a butt. A sexy and a huge butt is something every actress likes to don. According to a few rumors, she has had butt fat injections that has helped her to gain that size and that sexy look. When it comes to Butt Implant Kylie Jenner Before And After Plastic Surgery is the best example

Well, all the above speculations are not merely speculations as the changes are quite visible. These rumors can easily be built up on comparing her before and after pictures which reveal that she has definitely had these plastic procedures to get that perfect look. Though these procedures last long but what they result in is all unnatural beauty and that is something that can never give you that inner happiness. 


A famous Australian- American actress, Nicole Mary Kidman was born on June 20 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is also a renowned film producer. Kidman initially studied at Philip Street Theatre in Sydney and thereafter attended Australian Theatre for Young People. She moved into acting line at the age of five when she performed her first acting role in her school nativity play. She got her first lead role at the age of 14 in an Australian film Bush Christmas.

This American actress first came to the attention of audience when she gave a remarkable performance in a thriller film named Dead Calm in 1989. After that she became an internationally recognized and a prominent actress who was known for her versatility.
Her other notable films include Bangkok Hilton, Days of Thunder, Far and Away, Batman Forever and many more. She is one of the most award- winning actresses. She received Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and was honored with Academy Award for Best Actress for her brilliant performance as Virginia Woolf in the film The Hours. She has also won Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. Not only for acting, she is also known for her charity work. She has joined the UN Trust Fund to end violence against women. She has always received critical acclaim for her work.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Pictures
Staying charming and beautiful has always been the first priority of acting world. So celebrities have to adopt all the procedures that help to maintain their youthful look. There is no doubt that Kidman has gone under the knife. Use of fillers and Botox injections has lead to bulging spots on her face. Her stiff look arose the speculations of her plastic surgery. The actress said that she was complete natural. But this was proved wrong by her pictures which clearly showed that she had some kind of enhancement.

Her overdose of Botox was noticed at Cannes Film Festival in 2014 when her cheeks looked bloated and facial segments were not right at all. She also used fillers on her lips which made them look fuller than before. Not only that, there was also a sudden growth in her bust line. She had undergone breast enhancement surgery as her breast looked considerably larger in size as compared to her younger days when she entered in the film industry. The rate of growth clearly showed that it was due to a plastic surgery.

Different fans claim different views about Nicole’s plastic procedures. But it cannot be denied that actress has undergone surgical knife many times. She is one of the most eminent actresses in Hollywood and has always tried to maintain her charm. Use of Botox helped her to smoothen her skin and remove wrinkles from her face which was a sign of ageing. Fillers have removed the deep lines between her nose and mouth. Hence these plastic surgeries have proved beneficial for her as they have maintained her elegant look which she otherwise have lost if she had continued with her natural ageing process.