A famous Australian- American actress, Nicole Mary Kidman was born on June 20 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is also a renowned film producer. Kidman initially studied at Philip Street Theatre in Sydney and thereafter attended Australian Theatre for Young People. She moved into acting line at the age of five when she performed her first acting role in her school nativity play. She got her first lead role at the age of 14 in an Australian film Bush Christmas.

This American actress first came to the attention of audience when she gave a remarkable performance in a thriller film named Dead Calm in 1989. After that she became an internationally recognized and a prominent actress who was known for her versatility.
Her other notable films include Bangkok Hilton, Days of Thunder, Far and Away, Batman Forever and many more. She is one of the most award- winning actresses. She received Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and was honored with Academy Award for Best Actress for her brilliant performance as Virginia Woolf in the film The Hours. She has also won Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. Not only for acting, she is also known for her charity work. She has joined the UN Trust Fund to end violence against women. She has always received critical acclaim for her work.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Pictures
Staying charming and beautiful has always been the first priority of acting world. So celebrities have to adopt all the procedures that help to maintain their youthful look. There is no doubt that Kidman has gone under the knife. Use of fillers and Botox injections has lead to bulging spots on her face. Her stiff look arose the speculations of her plastic surgery. The actress said that she was complete natural. But this was proved wrong by her pictures which clearly showed that she had some kind of enhancement.

Her overdose of Botox was noticed at Cannes Film Festival in 2014 when her cheeks looked bloated and facial segments were not right at all. She also used fillers on her lips which made them look fuller than before. Not only that, there was also a sudden growth in her bust line. She had undergone breast enhancement surgery as her breast looked considerably larger in size as compared to her younger days when she entered in the film industry. The rate of growth clearly showed that it was due to a plastic surgery.

Different fans claim different views about Nicole’s plastic procedures. But it cannot be denied that actress has undergone surgical knife many times. She is one of the most eminent actresses in Hollywood and has always tried to maintain her charm. Use of Botox helped her to smoothen her skin and remove wrinkles from her face which was a sign of ageing. Fillers have removed the deep lines between her nose and mouth. Hence these plastic surgeries have proved beneficial for her as they have maintained her elegant look which she otherwise have lost if she had continued with her natural ageing process.

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