Holly Maidson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Holly Maidson took birth on 23rd of December is a 37 year old author who has penned down several best sellers, she has also donned the hats of a model, TV anchor. Her role in E, made her ride good fame and she published two books in two consecutive years 2015 and 2016. She is all pretty because she is not a liar. She came out with an open confession on her surgeries so there is no ambiguity regarding the procedures she underwent.Holly, unlike other celebs never concealed the truth of her surgeries under vague statements. Most of the actors believe in keeping their beauty secrets under the wraps.Picture Source:Celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

Holly Maidson Plastic Surgery Before And After

With her books and a pretty decent self carved career, she is also known for her serious relationship with playboy founder Hugh Hefner.It is not hard to admire the features she got, but now she has got most of them altered well.She got two of the most common surgeries especially among female public figures, first is a  rhinoplasty(commonly known as nose job) and other being a boob job.

1. Breast Augmentation

Confessing that you are wearing enhanced boobs are not easy for girls to accept, it’s like succumbing to the fact that they lack the Women’s factor of sensuality.Holly had a skinny frame and asking for curves would be really more naturally. However she found a way to make her appearances more impactful and stunning. Thus what we get to see now is officially augmented and not at all natural.

Enhanced size of boobs is not only attractive outside but it also makes you feel confident and satisfied about your own self. Holly took a clever decision by not going for an excessively larger size that would have rather given her an imbalanced figure which not only shouts for an augmentation but can also leave her public appearances funny and crowd would get to gossip.In term of measurements, she has got her A cup replaced with a D cup.

2.  Nose job

Her urge to get everything right, can be related to this decision of her. Inspit of being blessed with great features, she opted for a rhinoplasty (that is a plastic surgery, to correct the shape and size of your nose).

Holly has been a part of a that rare elite group where she admitted the truth behind her looks. However, she is still skeptical about the possibilities of her daughter undergoing any treatment. Her only goal is that her daughter turns out to be a natural diva on her own. She looks stunning even after the deliveries of her two kids, her surgery never affected her health. She is an example to behold for all those who need not stay in front of the camera but wants to stay fit.

Holly clearly preaches the fact that, “she has been able to achieve her professional goals and owns a great figure, she can’t be more satisfied than this”. She has no inhibitions in calling her figure artificial figure, for her having a perfect shape with little augmentation here and there is not a big deal. 

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